What are the packaging methods of LED?

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Tools/raw materials

Wafer, gold wire, bracket, silver glue, resin, dispensing machine, wire welding machine, oven... etc.

Method/Step 1:

Lamp-LED (Vertical LED)

Lamp-LED is a direct-plug LED in its early stage. Its encapsulation uses encapsulation method. The filling process is to inject liquid epoxy resin into the cavity of the LED forming die, then penetrate the pressure welded LED bracket, put it into the oven to cure the epoxy resin, and then separate the LED from the cavity and form it. Because the manufacturing process is relatively simple and low cost, it has a high market share. SMD-LED (Appearance Mounted LED)

The patch LED is affixed to the PCB surface, suitable for SMT processing and reflow soldering. It can well deal with the problems of brightness, angle of view, smoothness, reliability and consistency. The lighter PCB board and reflective layer data are selected. After improvement, the heavier carbon steel data pins of the direct-inserted LED are removed, so that the epoxy tree which needs filling in the reflective layer is displayed. Fat less, the intention is to reduce the scale, reduce the component. In this way, the appearance mounted LED can easily reduce the product weight by half, and ultimately make the application more complete.

Method/Step 2:

Side-LED (Side Light Emitting LED)

At present, another key point of LED packaging is light-emitting packaging on the side. If you want to use LED as backlight source of LCD (liquid crystal display), then the side light of LED needs to be the same as the external light, so that the backlight of LCD can be uniform. Although the use of wire rack description, can also reach the side of the intent of luminescence, but the role of heat dissipation is not good. However, Lumileds created a mirror description, using the mirror principle to generate side light, and successfully applied high-power LEDs to large-scale LCD backlight modules.

Method/Step 3:

TOP-LED (Top Light Emitting LED)

Top light-emitting diodes are comparable to common patch light-emitting diodes. Mainly used in multi-functional ultra-thin mobile phones and PDA backlights and status indicators.

Method/Step 4:


In order to obtain high power and high brightness LED light source, manufacturers are developing in the direction of high power in the description of LED chips and packaging. At present, LED packages that can accept several W power have been presented. For example, the packaging layout of Norlux series high-power LED is a multi-chip combination of hexagonal aluminium plate as the base (making it non-conductive). The base diameter is 31.75 mm. The luminous region is located at the center of the base. Its diameter is about (0.375 *25.4) mm. It can contain 40 LED tube cores. The aluminium plate is also used as heat sink. This kind of package uses conventional high density package with tube core. It has high luminous power, low thermal resistance and high optical output power under high current. It is also a kind of LED solid state light source with a bright future.

It can be seen that the thermal characteristics of power LED directly affect the working temperature, light-emitting power, light-emitting wavelength and service life of the LED. Therefore, the packaging description and manufacturing skills of power LED chips become more and more important.

Method/Step 5:

Flip Chip-LED

The layout of LED cladding packaging is basically made of a plurality of perforations in PCB. Each perforation on one side of the substrate is equipped with two different areas and open circuit conductive materials. Moreover, the conductive materials are laid flat on the surface of the substrate. There are plurality of unpackaged LED chips placed on each perforation on the side of the conductive material. At the hole, the positive and negative contacts of a single LED chip are connected with conductive materials on the surface of the substrate using tin balls separately. On the perforated side of the plural LED chips, there is a sealant with clear materials on the surface. The sealant is a half-sphere shape and sits at each perforation. It is attributed to flip-chip welding layout of light emitting diodes.

What are the packaging methods of LED?

Tools/raw materialsWafer, gold wire, bracket, silver glue, resin, dispensing machine, wire welding machine, oven... etc.Method/Step 1:Lamp-LED (Vertical LED)Lamp-LED is a direct-plug LED in its early stage. Its encapsulation uses encapsulation method. The filling process is to inject liquid epox...


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