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LED light source solutions
Although the application of LED lighting sources has only been developed since 2000, its wide range of applications and market segmentation have been immature, from ordinary household lighting to commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, plant lighting, and medical education. Clean lighting, as well as the newly emerging non-visual LEDs, have different requirements for light and LED packaging technology in each field. How to choose a more suitable LED light source packaging product determines the core value of your lighting products to the market. . 

We all know that the parameters of the light source mainly include: current, power, luminous flux, light attenuation, light color, and color rendering. How to guarantee the hardware packaging technology that determines these parameters? Tongfang has been devoted to research and development, focusing on the field of LED packaging technology, and For the purpose of human-oriented lighting, we strive to create high-quality natural-light-like LED light sources, and provide high-quality and reasonable solutions for all major industries.
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