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Details of Specification and Parameters of Different Types of LED Light Emitting Diodes

There are many kinds of LED light-emitting diodes, different kinds of LED light-emitting diodes also have different colors, different brightness, different bands.

Various types and specifications:

There are various types of LED light emitting diodes, including direct insertion and patch type, as well as high-power beads. The current of the beads varies from tens of milliamperes to several amperes.

Pressure is more consistent, mostly at 3:00 volts.

Roughly speaking, it can be divided into straight insertion, patch and piranha according to packaging.

According to the power theory, it can be divided into large, medium and small power.

High-power white LED (such as CREE's XML-T6) single power has reached 10W, voltage 3.3V current 3A, low-power red LED (such as common).

5MM direct insertion) Voltage 2v, current 15mA.

If the component type is not available, the operating voltage can be inferred from the light color:

Red Light 1.8~2.2v

Huangguang 2.0~2.4v

Green light 2.2~2.8v

Blue and white light 2.8-3.5v

The chip packages are small power transistors such as 0805, 1206, etc. The working current is generally 10 mA, but there are some exceptions.

SMT packages are 3014, 3528, 3535 and other low power transistors. The working current is generally 20-50 mA, but there are some exceptions.

The SMT packages are 5050, 5060, 5630, and the working current is generally 50-150 mA, but there are some exceptions.

High-power LEDs are all chip-mounted packaging, and the parameters of different brands and series vary greatly from company to company, but the general working current of 1W is 350mA.

[LED Bead] LED Bead Parameters Details of Specification Parameters for Different Types of LED Beads

Low-power direct-plug LED beads are generally divided into 3 mm 4 mm 5 mm 8 mm 10 mm 12 mm according to diameter, regardless of diameter, its working voltage and current

It's the same.

Colour score: red and yellow 1.7-2.1V

White light, blue light, warm white light, pink light, purple light, 2.8-3.6V

Green Light 2.6-3.4V

There are many specifications for LED beads.

For 1 and 0.06W, the voltage is 2.5-3.5V and the current is 20 mA.

For 2 and 0.5W, the voltage is 2.5-3.77V and the current is 150 mA.

For 3 and 1W, the voltage is 2.79-3.99V and the current is 350mA.

For 4 and 3W, the voltage is 3.05-4.47V and the current is 700 mA.

For 5 and 5 W, the voltage is 3.16-4.88V and the current is 1000 mA.

The current of 1W lamp beads is 320-350mA. The current of 300mA is usually chosen as the driving device. The chip size is 30mil, 35mil, 40mil and 45mil.

The current of lamp bead 3W is 700 mA, the drive is generally 600 mA, and the chip size is 45 mil.

The 1W3W voltage ranges from 3.0 V to 3.6V, and the better is 3.2 V to 3.4V.

As for 5W single chip, our company has not yet produced, so the specific parameters I know is not clear, chips are generally more than 50mil.

Generally used for lighting, LED beads are available from 0.5W to 5w.

The working voltage is about 3-3.2V.

What are the parameters of 1 watt white LED beads? Our general design is 3.6-4.2V, 0.2-0.3A. Now there are many 15W beads, you can refer to one.

Next. For example, creemce, creet6.

Voltage: 3.2-3.6v, current 300-350ma, luminous flux: 100-120 lumens, color temperature: white light 6000-7000K.

The way to distinguish LED beads is as follows:

1. Look at the brightness, that is, when the driving current is 350mA and the voltage is between 3.0 and 3.6V, the higher the brightness, the better.

2. Look at the brand and size of the chip. The brands include NICHIA, CREE, Price, Xuming, Crystal, New Century, etc. The bigger the chip, the better.

3. Look at BIN, i.e. color temperature zoning and voltage BIN, the thinner the better.

4. Looking at the attenuation, we need to do aging test. The smaller the light attenuation, the better.

5. Look at the actual application, such as: the market has suitable and inexpensive lenses, aluminum substrate, just fine, lenses, aluminum substrate need to open mold will be put into a freshman year.

Some, 1W high power, current: 350ma, voltage: 2.8-4.0V brightness: 80-130LM color temperature: 3000-12000K. For more information, please consult Taiwan Taiming Optoelectronics-Cheng Li 159998297-Weixin Same Number

What are the packaging methods of LED?

Tools/raw materialsWafer, gold wire, bracket, silver glue, resin, dispensing machine, wire welding machine, oven... etc.Method/Step 1:Lamp-LED (Vertical LED)Lamp-LED is a direct-plug LED in its early stage. Its encapsulation uses encapsulation method. The filling process is to inject liquid epox...


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